Our founder, Eric (not jay)

Eric Moore's journey began as a young boy with severe asthma in the quiet corners of Maine and Massachusetts. Homebound, he found joy and comfort in watching birds flock to the feeders outside his window.

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Birding since '63
new store, new name.

Jay’s Bird Barn and Arizona Field Optics is now The Lookout.

At the Bird Barn, first-time customers always asked if we sold birds. We don't! We chose a new name that fits our purpose in life: Helping others get closer to nature.

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We are a family business, guided by our love for wildelife and the outdoors.

We have shared this love with our community for 20+ years and our mission is to keep inspiring and educating younger generations of nature-lovers.

We aspire to get outside.

Seeking the thrill of exploration and discovery.

A community, focused in nature.

Our Offerings
Nothing is better than face to face.

Visit our store and shop our exciting selection of nature products, gifts and more.

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Values we live by

Our mission is to inspire the love of nature in every customer.

Experts in Quality
50+ years of birdwatching and field optics experience.

Our team members are specialists in their respective departments and always ensure you find the right product for you, guaranteed.

We have dedicated experts in hunting, field optics, natural habitats, birding, nature watching and Hallmark products.

The backyard and beyond
From local gardens to global adventures

Exploring every corner of nature. We guide and inspire our customers, from backyard birding enthusiasts to adventurous, world-traveling life listers.

Our expertise extends to every habitat, ensuring you're equipped for discovery wherever you go.

United by nature
We are united by our shared love for the outdoors

We provide a welcoming space for everyone, from seasoned hunters to novice birdwatchers and everyone in-between.

Our shared love for nature transcends differences, fostering a bond in the beauty of the outdoors.

Rooted in our community
20+ years nurturing nature and community in Prescott

We have been supporting and building a community of nature-lovers in Prescott since 2003.

Today, we support non-profits, conservation efforts and more as we aim to build a lasting legacy in support nature-lovers in Arizona.

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