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Eric Moore, the owner of The Lookout, formerly Jay's Bird Barn, publishes a new article about wild birds and more every Thursday in The Daily Courier.

If you want to read his articles, they can be viewed directly on The Daily Courier’s website.

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When it comes to birding, Arizona is a destination location

This past weekend, I had the privilege of speaking at the monthly membership meeting ...

Citizen science, contributing to the knowledge of birds in Mexico

This past weekend I had the privilege of participating in the 50th anniversary celebr...

Attract more birds with wider variety of food

It is not uncommon for customers to come in and ask, "What else should I be feeding t...

Fundraising event to benefit Brad Newman

I continue to receive regular reports from customers regarding flocks of pinyon jays ...

Free digi-scoping photography workshop available next week

As a young birder, I started doing wild bird photography when I was around 13 years o...

Birding in the Midwest results in delightful discoveries

Last week, Gayla and I flew to Oklahoma City to spend time with our son, Merritt, and...

Stream chasing after Monday's deluge

On Monday, our store was ground zero for the severe weather event that hit Prescott....

A whirlwind of birding activity this past weekend

This past Friday morning I led a Jay's Bird Barn (now The Lookout)- sponsored bird wa...

Upcoming opportunities to get out in nature

This Saturday, September 24th, is National Public Lands Day. Thus, the Peregrine Fund...

Wild bird migration and day length go hand-in-hand

Wild bird migration is one of the greatest wonders in nature. The fact that creatures...

Mingus Mountain hike finds acorn woodpeckers and more

Several months ago, I was approached by a member of the Las Vegas Red Rock Audubon S...

Even a slow day of birding can result in a few surprises

This past week I led a Jay's Bird Barn (now The Lookout) sponsored bird walk to Mingu...

Signs of fall migration are already evident

I need to start this week's column by correcting an error in my column last week. I m...

Summer rains will positively impact winter bird populations

Over the last few weeks, our abundant summer monsoon rains have turned the Arizona Ce...

Birding in southeastern Arizona and Oklahoma!

This past week was a whirlwind. Here's a brief recap. My last day of guiding the g...

Attending birding festivals provides an opportunity to go birding!

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in the Hummingbird Festival hosted by ...

Summer monsoon rains bring out the weeds

This week's rains have been a welcome relief. Prior to this week, we have had less th...

Got seed? Seed feeding tips to attract more birds

As a manufacturer of wild bird seed blends, Jay's Bird Barn (now The Lookout) has a C...

I found a baby bird, what do I do?

We are currently experiencing a high call volume at the Bird Barn with questions rela...

Solutions to hummingbird feeding challenges

Feeding hummingbirds is probably one of the easiest ways to attract birds to your yar...

It's finally summer - be on the lookout for rufous hummingbirds

Now that it is "officially" summer, you may wonder if you can expect any changes in t...

Finding rare birds using eBird email notifications

Growing up as a young birder in Tucson, I remember being included in a calling tree w...

Birds in the garage

It has been an interesting week in terms of birds - both in my yard and in my garage!...

Bird watching at Watson Woods and Lake

Last Friday I led a Jay's Bird Barn (now The Lookout)- sponsored bird walk to Watson ...

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about the owner

My interest in birds began when I was very young. By the time I was five years old I was fascinated with birds and watched them at feeders in my parent’s yard in Massachusetts.

At the age of 13, I joined the Tucson chapter of the National Audubon Society. When I lived in Utah, I participated in the Utah County Birders Club (there was not an Audubon chapter in Provo). I have been associated with the Prescott chapter of the National Audubon Society for the past eleven years and have served on the board of directors and as the publicity chair.

I have led bird walks, been in charge of the Spring Migratory Bird Count, and I have participated in the Christmas Bird Count in Tucson, Provo, and Prescott for a time period spanning 30 years. I consider myself to be an excellent birder. Birding is more than a hobby for me–it is a passion.

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